"I 110% would recommend Eleni and Peace and Nani to anyone struggle with getting their littles to sleep! When we started, our daughter was waking every 2ish hours each night, having to be rocked and held to sleep and taking less than 30 minute naps during the day. Now I can lay her directly down for a nap and she goes to sleep on her own, if she wakes, she grabs her paci and puts her self back to sleep and is sleeping 1+ hour! At night, we feed and put her right down (in her crib) around 7 pm and dream feed her at 10. She usually wakes between 2-3 am to feed then she goes back down until 6:30-7 am! We are working on cutting out the 2-3 am feeding then will hopefully drop the dream feed. Do yourself a favor and get the unlimited communication. Eleni answered every question almost immediately. She really took interest in Avery's habits and adapted a plan to fit her specifically. Honestly, the Lamb fam would probably not have even considered having more children if it weren't for Eleni!"

- Courtney Lamb

"Eleni Motz was the biggest blessing for our family! Our 21 month old son had been sleeping with us since about 3 months old, woke multiple times a night, only slept about 8 hours, and was recently diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. Eleni created the perfect sleep plan for our son and the needs of our family. She encouraged us throughout the process, was so compassionate in supporting us, and genuinely wanted to help our family! In less than 3 weeks, thanks to Eleni, our son sleeps 11 hours in his crib, in his own room, and even entertains himself in his crib when he wakes in the morning! I truly can't say enough wonderful things about Eleni and I highly recommend her! She is wonderful and I will be forever grateful to her!"

- Barri Elizabeth

"Eleni is a miracle worker! She helped us get our LO out of our bed and into her crib in her own room. The schedule she worked out for us had our 8 month old sleeping 12 hrs the first night & every night since!!!! We had failed at sleep training until working with her. In less then a week our baby girl was completely adjusted to her new schedule and her own bed. I highly recommend!!"

- Amanda Kekic

"Eleni has been such a blessing for our family! Our 2.5 year old was having such a difficult transition from his crib to his toddler bed. After months of struggling with it (laying in his bed for hours while he falls asleep, middle of the night wakings, and eventually just letting him sleep in our bed), I decided to reach out for guidance. Eleni developed a plan to help with him and our 1 year old. She was there for daily support and encouragement every step of the way! Within 2 weeks, our oldest is falling asleep independently and staying in his bed until morning. Thank you, thank you!!"

-Elizabeth Scott

 "Eleni is an absolute pleasure to work with and has made an incredible difference in the sleep habits of my eleven month old son!

Kason had been sleeping with us since he was born. He absolutely REFUSED to sleep in his crib. He would only sleep if he was right next to me or being held and would scream the second I tried to put him down. At a minimum, he would wake two or three times a night, and, as a result, he wasn't getting enough sleep and was extremely ill, crying and screaming all day long. It took hours to put him to sleep—we were up until midnight or after most nights— and we were all EXHAUSTED. I'd heard such great things about Eleni and knew it was time for change.

Eleni worked with us to create a custom sleep plan, and I noticed a huge difference in Kason's sleep habits within just a few days! Naptime/bedtime now only takes a few minutes. Within two weeks, he has learned how to self-soothe, sleeps an average of 12 hours a night, and is a happier and more playful baby.

Peace and Nani has been a blessing, and we are forever grateful for the difference Eleni has made in our lives!"

- Leanna Easterwood

 "I thought it was going to be impossible to get sleep with a 7 month old and a toddler. Eleni was the angel that we needed! Within a week the changes were mind blowing. I will shout her praises from the roof tops! Definitely recommend!"

- Jennifer Jones

 "Eleni absolutely changed our lives. Miller was not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time, wanted to snack and eat every hour, and was all around miserable. It was affecting every single aspect of our lives, including my 18m old son. In less than a week, Eleni had Miller eating full bottles every 4 hours, sleeping through the night, and napping on a schedule. We are forever grateful and cannot recommend her enough. I finally have a happy baby and our family is finally able to enjoy our day to day lives. I am SO GLAD I didn't accept the blanket answer that "some babies are just colicky," because Eleni proved that wrong within days."

- Diana Meador

I couldn’t recommend more! Eleni is very knowledgeable, and even more important, she’s a mom so she gets it! She was such an amazing resource, honestly I think she helped me more than she helped my daughter! She helped me gain the confidence that does not come with being a first time mom. My 7 month daughter is now sleeping through the night and taking 2 long, restorative naps! Please give this program a try!

- Anastasia Meole