About Peace & Nani

Meet Eleni 

Eleni is the founder of Peace and Nani. She is the proud mother of 2 and has a passion for working with children along with their families. 

Eleni graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Child Development. She chose to further her education at Arizona State University where she earned her Master's of Education degree in Early Childhood Curriculum K-3. Eleni taught for 3 years in both public and private institutions before becoming a mother. 

When Eleni had her first child, she soon learned that creating a well balanced routine was vital for not only her baby, but also for her husband and herself. It was a learning curve and Eleni loved every minute of it. Eleni's friends and acquaintances began to ask her questions about her routine and how she was able to create a balance with her new baby as well as everything else that needed to be done around the house, working, etc. This is when her love for helping other's to create a routine fell into place. She began to research ways to help other's as well as how to become a certified sleep consultant. The Cradle Coach Academy was the perfect fit for Eleni. The program required Eleni to create routines and plans for families before earning her certification. Eleni earned her Infant-School Age Sleep Consultant certification soon after giving birth to her second child. 

What Do We Do?

Peace and Nani guides families to meet their routine and sleep goals based on their child's needs. Every routine and sleep plan that is created is personalized and custom to each individual child. Each package is based on a two week implementation period. 

Contact Information

Eleni Motz- Founder